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Hymen repair, also called hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty, is one of the most common genital surgery procedures that we perform.

Hymen repair is basically a surgical procedure intended to enable a women, who has lost her virginity, to tear and bleed again during her first intercourse after surgery, like a virgin.

Bleeding during intercourse in a woman who has undergone hymen repair is the same as the bleeding that occurs in a virgin during her first intercourse.

No difference is observed in terms of the color, amount and characteristics of the bleeding. Normally, there is no standard for the bleeding that occurs as a result of the first rupture of the hymen in a virgin woman. In some women, the bleeding may be in the form of a small amount of pinkish drops, while in some others it may be in the form of an excessive amount of red bleeding.

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As is known to all, men in a large part of our society have difficulty in accepting that their spouses had sexual intercourse with another man before them, as a result of the way they are brought up. For this reason, the hymen bleeding expected to occur during the first night of intercourse, which is considered as the symbol of virginity, is of great importance for the man and even for his family. Bleeding that occurs as a result of the sexual intercourse on the first night is considered as the proof of the virginity of the bride, and if the expected bleeding does not occur, this condition is considered to prove that she has had sexual intercourse with another man before.
First of all, you need to know that the lack of bleeding during the first intercourse cannot be conclusive evidence that the bride has had sexual intercourse with another man before, because some women may not bleed during the first intercourse due to having a congenitally flexible hymen that has not sufficient vascular development.
In such a case, even a woman who has never had sexual intercourse before does not bleed during her first sexual intercourse with her partner that night.
herefore, it is not a hundred percent correct approach to consider hymen bleeding as a symbol of a woman's virginity.

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Because of the male oppression mentioned above, women who have had sexual intercourse before or those with a flexible hymen prefer hymen repair surgery as a solution to this problem, because if the hymen has been broken in consequence of having sexual intercourse, or if there will be no bleeding in the first intercourse due to the flexibility of the hymen, it is possible to reconstruct the hymen with a hymen repair surgery that involves the 3-layer flap technique to restore the original vascular structure of the normal hymen tissue by using the natural tissue of the area at the vaginal opening.

Thus, when the penis pushes against the operated area, the vascular tissue reconstructed with the flap technique is torn as if the woman is having her first sexual intercourse, and the bleeding occurs the same way as the original hymen bleeding, no matter when the first sexual intercourse is experienced after the surgery.

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Permanent Hymen Repair Surgery
The point to take into consideration in this regard is that the expected result of this surgery is not the reconstruction of the hymen, but the occurrence of bleeding in the first relationship after the operation.
Therefore, we would like to remind you that our patients must comply with the physician’ recommendations about care and protection for a certain period of time in the subsequent recovery period is at least as important as the success of the hymen repair surgery, no matter how successful the surgery is, in obtaining the expected result from the hymen repair surgery, that is, bleeding during the first intercourse after the operation. If you follow the recommendations of your physician, bleeding will definitely occur during the first intercourse after hymen repair.


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